How to Sign in / Login in Orbit Exchange Sites? November 8, 2022 – Posted in: Featured Articles

Once you understand how to sign in to Orbit Exchange, the process is pretty straightforward. If you are a new member of Orbit Exchange, you will need to sign in. You will be given a form on which you must fill out a lot of information. 

Fill out the form in Sign in / Login in Orbit Exchange Sites

You must first choose a username for yourself, and if it is accessible, you can proceed. Then you must retain a strong password and confirm the password again. After that, you must input your primary email address. Then you must pick your preferred currency. You can also enter a referral name if you have one.

Additionally, you will need to include certain personal details including your first and surname names as well as your birthdate. Next, choose your gender and mention where you are from. Afterwards, include other details such as your house number, street name, town or city, and postcode.

ID/Passport Number for Login in Orbit Exchange Sites

After mentioning your country, you will be prompted for your ID or passport number. After filling out all the necessary information, your sign-in will be complete once you click the Register button 

Decide your bookmaker

Now you will have to decide which bookmakers you are going to use. Decide on an authorized agent of Orbit Exchange, then you will only need to make a deposit at one bookmaker. Once you decide, click REGISTER.

Orbit makes it easy to register. Ideally, one should utilize a betting broker’s services; however, one can easily open an account and utilize the payment methods available at Orbit, including Skrill, Neteller, and bank transfers. BET-IBC, one of the best betting agents, offers many more methods for funding your betting account, including Ecopayz and cryptocurrencies.

Sports betting businesses with a focus on bet execution include bet brokerage companies. Betbrokers specialise in placing sports bets rather than financial items, much like stockbrokers who carry out their client’s trading orders.

When you want to put bigger bets than what’s offered on websites, bet brokerage services might be helpful. For instance, bet brokerages can be particularly helpful when placing bets on early markets and bets on obscure football leagues because they frequently have accounts with higher betting limits or counterparties who are willing to ‘lay’ the bets without actually placing them on the betting websites.

Do KYC for Sign in Orbit Exchange Sites

Your account is now prepared. Log in with your registration information (username and password). Upload your supporting papers to confirm your account (KYC). The documents required are the electricity bill, as well as a duplicate of your ID card. Once you have done this, then press Send. After that, you will get an email with verification confirmation and initial deposit instructions. Please check your spam box since sometimes mail is sent to that folder. You only need to go to Deposit after logging into your account.

Withdrawal and Deposit

Remember that the minimum withdrawal is 200 euros and the minimum deposit is 30 euros for new accounts. Additionally, you can withdraw smaller sums, although the broker may impose a fee of about €1,50.

To make a deposit, you must next choose the payment method logo. As soon as the deposit is completed, you can open your Orbit Exchange account by clicking on the link, entering your login and password, and clicking “Transfer.” From there, you can add the money you have put in your Bet-Football account to your Orbit Exchange account.

Sign in / Login in Orbit Exchange Sites FAQs

1. What KYC documents are needed?

A single picture identity document (passport, citizen card, photo driving license) 1 instance of recent-dated proof of address (utility bill, credit card bill, bank statement) Occasionally, in order to adhere to international AML requirements, you could be asked for a bank statement from the account from which money are being moved. Is it safe for you? Yes, all accounts are created anonymously, and the customer data is kept private. Without your permission, your information will not be disclosed to a third party.

2. How to make the Withdrawal?

You will simply have to request your withdrawal to the website.