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Inability to access the Betfair exchange in your nation; is the Orbit Exchange a workable substitute? I’ll be comparing Orbit Exchange to Betfair in this review and letting you know if I think it’s a good substitute.


You will be able to clearly understand the Orbit Exchange by the end of this essay, as well as how to use it and whether it is a good fit for you.


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The Orbit Exchange: What is it?


The Orbit Exchange is a totally independent organization, although it functions with identical odds and liquidity to Betfair. As a Betfair clone, it is connected to them but distinct from them.


Users who desire to access Betfair but reside in a nation where it is not available were the target audience for its development.


What distinguishes the Orbit Exchange from the Betfair Exchange, then? The commission assessed on winning wagers and the user interface are the two key areas of distinction.


Orbit Exchange is the answer for everyone searching for a Betfair substitute. In April 2017, this betting market was established. But we’re confident that if you open an Orbit account through a betting broker, you’ll be impressed by the features, markets, liquidity, and speed at which your bets are accepted. The betting process will be quite similar to using Betfair.


Because they provide better rates and excellent liquidity, many gamblers favor online bookies like Orbit over traditional ones. Additionally, exchanges are a form of online betting where participants wager against one another rather than the house. The sole role that Orbit Exchange plays is that of a mediator, taking money and giving it to the winner.


Furthermore, since they don’t take any positions in the markets, they welcome winners unlike traditional bookies.


You can “back” or support a result on Orbit Exchange just like you would with a conventional bookmaker. Moreover, if you believe that such an outcome is not feasible, you can adopt the opposing position and “lay.” If you are unfamiliar with this area, Orbit’s contextual guidance will be very helpful. To check it out for yourself, open an account through the best betting agent.


Betfair vs. Orbit Exchange Commission


The Orbit Exchange charges a fixed 3% commission on all gains to users. This is far less than Betfair’s typical 5% fee. If you bet high stakes, you can save a lot of money this way. You won’t be assessed a commission when your wager fails, just like with Betfair. There are no premium fees, in contrast to Betfair, if you consistently win. This is very advantageous for successful sports bettors.


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Review of Orbit Exchange: Features
  • The Orbit Exchange resembles Betfair in many ways. You can access a wide range of sports from the left menu after logging in.
  • After selecting your favorite sport, you can either see upcoming or live matches or use the specialized search option to find a match.
  • You can see that the back and lay odds are displayed in a similar way to how they are on the standard Betfair platform.
  • Then, you have the option of placing a bet request with custom odds or backing or laying a wager using the market’s current odds.
  • You may view your betting history and a running profit/loss total once you’ve placed a few bets.


Important aspects of Orbit Exchange
  • A lot of players trade on the exchange. In Orbit, you can make money even before the event begins by placing both lay and back bets on the same market. Would you like to trade live events? You also have that option with Orbit.
  • On winnings, players are required to pay a commission. There is no premium fee on an OrbitX account, in contrast to a Betfair account.
  • The finest odds are available for a wide range of traditional sports as well as modern trends including Australian Rules, MMA, darts, baseball, basketball, tennis, and more.
  • Its website is really simple to use and has an extremely appealing and contemporary design.
  • This exchange has a license from Curacao, and its markets, liquidity, and prices are all very aggressively priced. You will earn precisely what you see in your accounts because Orbit offers 100% of the settlement. Market payouts and settlements happen quickly and securely.
  • There is now a cash-out facility on Orbit Exchange!
  • The client’s Facebook page provides support.
  • There aren’t many payment choices, but Skrill, Neteller, and bank transfers are the most common.


Features of Orbit Exchange Account FAQs

  • Can you trade live events through Orbit Exchange? 

Yes, Orbit Exchange offers that option. 

  • Does an OrbitX account charge any fees? 

No, it doesn’t. 

  • How’s the website of Orbit Exchange? 

Its website is really easy to use and has a very attractive, modern layout.