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About Orbit Exchange

Established in 2017, Orbit Exchange is a white label of Betfair, one of the world’s largest online betting exchanges. In many countries, bettors had been looking for a substitute for bookmakers. This was when Orbit Exchange was introduced as one of Betfair’s substitutes. Nowadays, most Punters prefer Orbit exchange as it offers better perks compared to Betfair.

What are Orbit Exchange brokers?

With online sports betting, punters can use direct betting sites such as Betfair or an alternative source in the form of Orbit Exchange brokers.

Betting through these brokers offers brings many advantages as they are reliable and offer the best liquidity, while easing the process of betting.

Punters usually expect a few things from an online betting site such as ease of betting, a simplistic platform to place bets, various payment methods and currencies, sports markets and events, as well as coverage of both local and international events.

This is where Orbit Exchange brokers come into play. When placing bets through Orbit Exchange, these brokers will ensure that all of your requirements are met while offering you the best odds.

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What are the benefits for bettors?

There are many sports events such as cricket, football, wrestling, tennis, basketball, baseball, and many other disciplines that punters can place bets on.

Pre-match betting systems allow punters to bet on their favourite teams, players, or tentative score the team might achieve days before the event takes place. Although, the casino operator has the freedom to set the date and open the portal for punters to place their bets.

Benefits of Orbit Exchange

Orbit Exchange Brokers have licenses from Curacao, which makes them legitimate, providing startup ventures peace of mind. Startups understand the value of using the licensed betting platform, and will get the best markets and profits as they seek the broker’s exchange services.

The market liquidity is also in its favour, welcoming bookmakers to approach them and use Orbit Exchange brokers.

What do exchange brokers offer?

Although many countries are still strict with regard to the operation of betting sites, white label exchange brokers attempt to ensure smooth business transactions and are aware of the permits needed to make bookies comfortable with the bets.

Nowadays, punters know what they want. Thus, brokers from Orbit Exchange try to cover these concerned areas to provide the best betting opportunities to make the site dynamic.

Also, they perform regular checks and assist in maintenance of the website. The brokers’ support system work round the clock, enabling players to bet on international events on a 24/7 basis.

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Q. What documents are required to sign up for Orbit Exchange?

Ans. You will be required to produce photo identification (passport, citizen card, or photo driving license), and proof of address with a maximum back date of three months (electricity bill, credit card bill, bank statement). As a customer, you will also be required to provide a bank statement of the account where the funds will be transferred to/from to comply with international AML standards. Information is not shared with third parties without the customer’s consent.

Q. Is there a service cost with Orbit Exchange?

Ans. There are no charges as the service is completely free of cost.

Q. Does the exchange gain any profits?

Ans. The exchange generates turnover on sportsbooks and betting exchanges, and receive a referral payment fee that is made by firms that are providing the service to bet brokers and betting software platforms.

Q. What are the various payment options?

Ans. Deposits and withdrawals are usually made via bank transfer. Other payment methods include net banking, credit card, debit card, and UPIs. Customers will receive our bank details after setting up your bank account details.

Q. Is there a minimum deposit and withdrawal amount?

Ans. Generally, the minimum deposit is €10 or currency equivalent to the amount depending on the country one resides in. The minimum free withdrawal is capped at €10.

Q. What is the process for withdrawal?

Ans. Orbit Exchange offers a simple withdrawal process. Customers simply need to request their withdrawal amount through the official online Orbit Exchange website.