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Orbit Exchange


Exchange for betting, powered by Betfair


Powered by Betfair, Orbit Exchange is a strong and cutting-edge betting exchange. As great as the experience and service you would receive from the Betfair Exchange, it has been offering notable features, a wide choice of betting markets, high liquidity, and bet acceptance speed since 2017. In reality, regardless of whether we’re talking about an expert or a casual bettor, this is what every bettor will require in 2022.

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Instead of using a bookmaker, players can wager against one another on an internet marketplace called Orbit Exchange. Due to its cheaper prices and substantial liquidity for a variety of markets, Orbit will quickly become a favorite of yours.

What you can wager on with a regular bookmaker is quite constrained. Not to add, we also provide “back” and “lay” betting choices, giving you more freedom and enabling you to strengthen and improve your position on the market.

It will be simpler for you to choose OrbitExchange as your preferred betting choice thanks to its functionality and outstanding performance, such as rapid bet placement and “Cash Out.”

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What advantages does this substitute for Betfair offer?

You can place exchange bets with Orbit Exchange on various sports and other markets, giving you a number of opportunities to increase your betting revenue. It has excellent features, a quick and dependable platform, and a high acceptance rate for bets. It rivals Betfair exchange in terms of the betting experience it provides.

BetInAsia provides OrbitExch accounts with minimal winnings commission rates. On unsuccessful wagers, no commission is given.

Before you wait for the event to end, you can lock in your profit or loss by clicking the “CASH OUT” button. On the OrbitExch betting markets with that feature, the Cash Out icon is visible.

This is how it functions in case you are unfamiliar with this option. Consider that you bet on a football game and supported the home team to win. Despite the fact that they are leading 2:0, you are unsure they will be able to secure the victory. You can get a portion of the money you were expected to earn before the game is even complete by using the Cash Out option. When your nerves are getting the better of you or you have a cause to think that the rest of the game won’t go your way, it’s a terrific alternative.


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Who ought to utilize Orbit Exchange?

On the Orbit Exchange, players seeking the most incredible odds and market liquidity with the “back” and “lay” betting options will find all they require. The main benefit of using a betting exchange over a traditional bookmaker for gamblers is the ability to back and lay bets.

Even before the event or In-Play begins, this sophisticated platform will provide opportunities for trading and profit maximization.

Arbitrage participants and long-term winners are both welcome on Orbit Exchange. Here, winning is not punished; on the contrary, people like you are welcomed.

There are more than 30 sports to choose from, including the following:


  • Football
  • Football in America
  • Baseball
  • Rugby
  • Hockey on ice
  • Snooker
  • Darts

You must utilize a broker in order to access Orbit; you cannot do so directly. You may access Orbit through BetInAsia, along with a few other exchanges and other Asian bookmakers.

For all cricket fans, visit OrbitExch’s CRICKETBOOK

Cricketbook, a popular cricket betting alternative, is an addition to the Orbit Exchange platform. Your betting accounts at OrbitExch and Cricketbook have different balances, but you can move your money around as needed with a quick transfer. With that account kept separate, you may concentrate on cricket without worrying about it interfering with your regular Orbit betting exchange account.

You will have access to more markets and betting possibilities through the Criketbook trade page. This is a fantastic choice for increased liquidity on your preferred cricket matches.

For the majority of the games offered, a livestream is accessible on the right side of the screen once you have chosen a match, in addition to the scoreboard. While perusing the cricket betting options, you can enjoy watching the games. Given that there aren’t many options for watching cricket, this is a very helpful choice.

For gamblers who appreciate the action in the game of cricket, the Cricketbook is a very helpful alternative. It can all be simply accessed from one central account. Of course, you can stay with the basic OrbitExch account if cricket is not your thing.

Orbit Exchange Registration FAQs
  • What’s the main source for Orbit Exchange? 


  • What advantages are available against Betfair’s offer? 

With Orbit Exchange, you may place exchange bets on a variety of sports and other markets, providing you with several chances to boost your betting income. It provides top-notch features, a responsive site, and a high rate of bet acceptance. In terms of the betting experience it offers, it competes with Betfair exchange.

  • For whom is Orbit Exchange ideal?

 Players looking for the best odds and market liquidity with the “back” and “lay” betting choices can find everything they need on the Orbit Exchange. The ability to back and lay bets is the key advantage that gamblers have when using a betting exchange instead of a conventional bookmaker.