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Have you recently examined your fantasy football lineup and thought, “What does TOT mean in fantasy football?” Many fantasy football managers are confused by this acronym because it frequently appears in matchups.

A player’s total amount of touchdowns or tackles is denoted by the abbreviation TOT, which stands for total. This term is frequently used in fantasy football to indicate the overall number of touchdowns a player has, whether they were scored through throwing, running, or receiving. For instance, you can see a number that reads “2 Ru TDs” if a player has two rushing touchdowns. The “Ru” before the touchdown makes it clear from this that the scores were the result of rushing.

You’ll see that if a player scores a touchdown while throwing or receiving, it should be labeled as Pa TD for passing or Re TD for receiving.

The issue is that it can be difficult to display all of this data on the screen when a player scores touchdowns in various categories. Most fantasy football managers monitor their matchups and set their lineups on their mobile devices. Apps like Yahoo or ESPN use acronyms to fit all the required information on the screen. This normally works, however, there is typically not enough place to display all the stats when a player has passing yards, running yards, passing touchdowns, and rushing touchdowns.

Instead, these fantasy programs will use the acronym TOT to display the player’s overall touchdowns, whether they were scored through passing, catching, or running. Additionally, it allows fantasy managers to quickly assess how their player is doing.

You may view a detailed breakdown of the stats by category by clicking on the player’s name. Simply put, the statistic under the TOT category has been compressed to make it simpler to quickly assess your squad.

What does the football defense term tot mean?

You may have noticed that many defensive players will have a TOT statistic next to their name while viewing a box score. TOT will stand for total tackles in these circumstances. This covers both unassisted and aided tackles. To put it another way, TOT on defense shows the total amount of tackles that each player has been a part of.

Positions that frequently require TOT Stats

In football, most positions only have one way to score touchdowns. The TOT category is therefore unnecessary for them because all of their touchdown totals typically fall under throwing, running, or receiving. However, there are some positions that frequently score touchdowns in a variety of ways.


The TOT stat is frequently applied to quarterbacks since they can score touchdowns through both passing and rushing. Nearly every game will feature touchdown passes from the quarterback, but they are also frequently scored on the ground.

In the course of a game, a quarterback typically scores multiple touchdowns. It is typical for their combined touchdowns to be shown because some of these come from passing and others from running. Because passing touchdowns are typically worth more than rushing touchdowns, it is problematic to show the overall touchdowns with a quarterback. Because of this, the TOT stat for quarterbacks may not be entirely evident.

Wide receiver

Wide receivers are usually noted for their ball-catching skills, but in the modern NFL, this position also carries the ball. Nowadays, wide receivers frequently score touchdowns on the ground in addition to receiving scores thanks to the deception used in the NFL.

When this occurs, you can see the abbreviation TOT next to the player’s name. The TOT tag is used to indicate how many times a player has entered the end zone because rushing touchdowns and receiving touchdowns are indicated using separate abbreviations. Our overview of TOT in fantasy football is now complete. 

TOT in Football FAQs

1) What does the fantasy football term “2 tot” mean?

For quarterbacks, this term is frequently used and stands for total. The phrase “3 TOT” on the app may refer to the quarterback’s total of three touchdowns. The “TOT” number of touchdowns, which is the total number of touchdowns for a certain player, includes rushing and passing touchdowns.

2) In FIFA, what does tot stand for?

Ultimate Team Tots: What Is It? In FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, a seven-week campaign known as Team of the Season (or TOTS) honors the top international players that competed in local leagues in 2021/22.

3) Is fantasy football purely a game of chance?

Overall, Fantasy League is a game of skill and chance.

Depending on the circumstances, it could appear like the game requires more skill or luck at different points. In actuality, both factors interact dynamically to determine how our season develops. The only thing we can tell for sure is that it’s not entirely random.

4) In football, what are RT and LT?

They are the Left Tackle (LT), Left Guard (LG), Centre (C), Right Guard (RG), and Right Tackle (RT), in that order.