What exactly is Orbit Exchange? December 29, 2022 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Orbit Exchange (OrbitX), a type of online betting exchange, allows players or bettors to compete with one another. It differs greatly from a traditional bookmaker in that a participant typically wagers against the betting line. Orbit Exchange has many advantages that go beyond what a typical sportsbook has to offer, and it could become your preferred option very soon. With the majority of markets covering basketball, tennis, cricket, and football, there is significant market liquidity and higher prices.

Betfair has various agents all over the world and is powered by Betfair.

You can use the platform to place multiple exchange bets on other sports and markets, giving you more opportunities to quickly increase your betting winnings.

Important aspects of your Orbit Exchange account

  • The two are not the same, even though Betfair manages the platform. The interface and the way commissions on winning bets are calculated differ between the two. However, the odds and liquidity are the same.
  • Although the minimum wager is seven euros (€7), you can discuss a slightly different wager with the agent or broker who will provide you with an Orbit exchange account.
  • Brokers offer a 3% commission rate to OrbitExchange, which is lower than the rate available on Betfair.
  • In contrast to Betfair, another important feature of an Orbitexchange account is the absence of Premium Charges. Some professional bettors may have avoided Betfair due to premium charges, but the platform functions well without them.