What is the Games section on Orbit Exchange? December 1, 2022 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Betting has surely come a long way from the early days when a couple or more individuals would get together and make their predictions while placing money on the table. Modern day betting has evolved drastically and systematic format has been put in place to make the entire process of betting more convenient and hassle-free. From online platforms to brick-and-mortar establishments, there are many options for individuals looking to place bets be it on sports events or other activities.

Orbit Exchange portal

Orbit Exchange Portal allows you to do Orbit Exchange betting and provides you with everything that is required for this. This is an online platform where you can do betting exchanges. In this portal you will deposit money, play and win money. These platforms are completely legal in India and will give you a new experience in the world of betting exchange.

In this platform, you create an account so that you can bet. In this portal you will find many games in which you can place bets. Orbit Exchange Portal allows players to make several exchange bets across multiple sports and games. It offers better opportunities to maximize one’s betting profits. If you want to try your hand at Orbit Exchange, it is very important that you choose the right portal. For this, you have to see whether that portal is legal or not and if you want, you can also read its reviews.

What are the games available on Orbit Exchange?

At the beginning of Orbit Exchange, it did not include many games but now it has expanded a lot and many types of games have been added to it. It has now become easy and fun for the players to place bets in it as it includes many sports which are favorites of the bookies and gives them maximum profit. Although there are many types of games included in Orbit Exchange and their preferences vary from website to website, mainly there are some games which are available on almost all platforms.

Some of the games available on orbit exchange are – Cricket, Football, Basketball, American Football, Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Boxing, MMA, Australian Rules Football, Tennis, Snooker, Boxing, Baseball, Ice Hockey, Golf, e-Sports, Motorsports, Cycling, Rugby League, Rugby Union, Volleyball, Gaelic Football, Netball, Athletics etc. Apart from these, many games are also included in it. When you go to any orbit exchange platform, you can see the list of sports available in the sports section.

Games section in orbit exchange

The games section in Orbit Exchange offers all the top games for free, and a truly diverse selection of categories to choose from. The platform allows players to trade and bet on games at great prices. Enjoy your favorite games! Over 200+ of the best games available and orbit exchange brings you the latest news and updates about games, including what’s new or trending on the gaming scene.

Betting on football, tennis and other sports gives you the chance to win money when betting on the results of international championships. It has a selection of the most popular single-player and multiplayer games, such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. It’s a fun way to spend your time and win real money. Learn more about the main games available on orbit exchange.


Cricket matches are amongst the highest stakes international and domestic competitions existing today. If you really know your cricket, then you should be online betting at Indibet and making real money on your match predictions. Not only will you find cricket betting available for the Indian Premier League, you can also access betting markets for the big international meets and the domestic cricket leagues of overseas competitions.


The game of baseball is very much similar to cricket. There is also a batsman in this and a player is throwing the ball. Although its rules are quite different from cricket. There are 9-9 players in each team. The player who throws the ball is known as a pitcher. The player runs after hitting the ball. 


Betting in Golf is simple and interesting at the same time. You bet the player and predict that the player will win the tournament. Not just this, You can also bet on a golfer on finishing high. Mostly, the golfer you bet on has to finish in the top 5 spots. You can also bet on the top 5,10,20 players. 


The game of hockey has been a favourite of bettors due to its fun format. From amateur leagues to the Olympics, betting on hockey matches gives huge chances to win more and more money. The 2019 Stanley Cup, 2020 NHL, 2020 Stanley Cup, 2021 NHL, and 2021 NHL Stanley Cup were the major leagues through which bettors took home their filled purses.


Volleyball betting is comparatively easier than other sports. The game of volleyball is very competitive. It has become the favourite sport of the younger generations all over the world. Earlier, even though the game was considered to be a simple beach game, now it has taken a wider form and holds its special place in the Olympics.


Live tennis betting has become a common practice with tennis-loving punters. With live betting, you will be able to place your best on a tennis match as it is in progress. There are several ways to online tennis betting including lay bet, back bet and in play bet. Apart from these, there are many types of games in Orbit Exchange. You can learn about them by logging in. We are telling you further how you can bet on these types of games.

How to bet with an orbit exchange account?

When you create your account and then deposit money in it, then you are ready to play betting. Now to bet in any game, you follow the following steps.

  • First of all, open the platform and go to its main page. On this main page, you will see many sports. You choose your favorite game.
  • After selecting your favorite game, when you click on it, you will see whatever matches are going on in that game or whatever games are going to come. Now choose any one of these matches. It can be either an individual match or a team match.
  • Now you will see the running odds in that game. If you’re having trouble understanding these odds, you can take the help of your agent. Bet on the odds that work in your favor or the team you think is going to win.
  • If you don’t like any of the bets, set your odds. After this other players will see those odds and if someone likes those odds then they will accept your challenge. It may also happen that no one accepts your challenge. In that case, try again.
  • After this, the game will start and you will be able to see your ups and downs according to the game. Along with this, you can also play casino games if you want.
  • After the game is over, you will be told whether you will win or lose, and accordingly, you will get money or have to pay money.