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The start of the 2023 NFL season is less than 100 days away, which means that millions of people all over the world will have finished their NFL Fantasy draughts in even less time. Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts was selected with the first overall pick in 2022 by the vast majority of players, only for him to disappoint and battle injuries the whole season. Depending on the size of your league, you want to make sure your first-round pick is ideal because you might pass over another superstar.

Potential 2023 NFL Fantasy Football first-round selections: 

5) Travis Kelce

In your fantasy league, it might seem a long shot, but selecting Travis Kelce with the first overall pick means you can forget about tight ends for the rest of the year. Patrick Mahomes and Kelce had a telepathic connection, and Kelce scored 316.3 fantasy points in 2022. You should really think about picking the Chiefs’ tight end because this is almost 100 points better than any other tight end.

4) Cooper Kupp

Cooper Kupp may have surpassed his 2021 season, when he racked up 367.3 fantasy points while hauling in 128 passes for 1,809 yards and eight touchdowns, had he not suffered an injury in 2022.

Kupp and quarterback Matt Stafford bonded right away, but both endured injuries in 2022. He should be selected first overall in 2023 if Kupp and Stafford are able to reach their peak performance levels. 

3) Austin Ekeler

Running back Austin Ekeler of the Los Angeles Chargers has already excelled in fantasy football for a few seasons and is set to continue in 2023. Ekeler is an example of a dual-threat running back because he had the highest fantasy points of any RB in 2022 with 372.7. He amassed 722 receiving yards and an additional five touchdowns in addition to 915 running yards and 13 touchdowns. Ekeler appears to be staying put despite asking for a trade during the winter to reunite with Justin Hebert and the explosive Chargers offense.

2) Christian McCaffrey

After acquiring star running back Christian McCaffrey from the Carolina Panthers in a trade, the San Francisco 49ers made a big impression in 2022. One of the top running backs in sports, McCaffrey was at his peak in 2022 despite suffering from injuries in recent years. McCaffrey finished with 351 fantasy points and only improved as a player after joining the 49ers. When draughts come around, he should be very near the top of most draught boards.

1) Justin Jefferson

If you’re picking first overall in your fantasy league, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson could well be the most reliable choice.

Since being selected in the 2020 NFL Draught, Jefferson has been regarded as the sport’s top wide receiver. Last season, Jefferson led all wide receivers in fantasy scoring with 367.3 points. The 2022 NFL Offensive Player of the Year dominated the league in receptions and yards as he got to know Kirk Cousins, the quarterback, better. Jefferson, who is only 23 years old, still has a lot to give, and his 2023 fantasy owners might even win their leagues.

Fantasy Football 2023 FAQs

1) Is fantasy football a game of pure luck?

Overall, Fantasy League is a game of skill and chance.

Depending on the circumstances, it could appear like the game requires more skill or luck at different points. In actuality, both factors interact dynamically to determine how our season develops. The only thing we can tell for sure is that it’s not entirely random.

2) In fantasy football, which order by position should I choose?

Your first five picks should go as follows: RB, RB, WR/TE, WR, WR. There is nothing wrong with spending handsomely for a receiver in the second round or selecting an excellent quarterback in the third, fourth, or fifth round.

3) How do you choose which fantasy football player to keep?

A Seasonal Evaluation of Your Keepers

When making judgments, take into account aspects including team context, injury history, and age. A player’s prospective value must be weighed against the expenses of keeping them, such as lost draught picks or salary cap fines.

4) How much time is spent on the imaginary draught?

2- to 4-hour period

The number of players, the type of the draught, and the speed at which participants make their selections can all affect how long a fantasy football draught lasts. A typical fantasy football draught with 10 to 12 players can take two to four hours to complete on average.