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Kay Adams, who left “Good Morning Football,” is making her FanDuel TV debut

Fans are curious as to why Kay Adams decided to leave “Good Morning Football” and, more significantly, where she plans to go next now that she has. 

Kay Adams announced her departure from Good Morning Football on May 13, 2022, capping a six-year stint. The NFL Network morning show was first introduced in 2016 with Kay as a member of the founding crew. Nate Burleson left the program for a position at CBS nine months before Kay’s departure. Many people were shocked by Kay’s decision, and some were left wondering why she had chosen to leave the program after six years.

What’s the reason behind ‘Good Morning Football’ host Kay Adams’ departure?

Although Kay talked about her time on the show during her final appearance on May 13, she didn’t explain why she had made the decision to depart at the time. She described her time as one of the show’s hostesses as “certainly nostalgic.” “We’ve been through so many studios, so many different moments, and a million different costume changes.”

She expressed her pride in the program and talked about how far it has progressed since its debut. For the four of us, Kay remarked, “Getting to where it is, this legitimate, reputable Emmy-nominated, should be Emmy-winning program, is a pretty tremendous accomplishment.

It is evident that Kay and the NFL Network had no love lost. But for NFL Network fans, the transition probably felt very abrupt.

Where will Kay Adams go after this?

Kay Adams’ most recent endeavor after Good Morning Football was just disclosed in a news release issued by the FanDuel organization on September 5, 2022.

Every Monday through Friday at 11 a.m. EST on FanDuel TV, Kay will play the lead in her own show, Up and Adams. Guests “from across the sports and entertainment universe” will appear on the hour-long program, which will also include analyses of the NFL and fantasy football. The show will be accessible on social media sites including YouTube.

“I love an adventure and couldn’t be more excited to be a part of a team that’s leading the way into the future of sports,” Kay said in a statement in response to the thrilling news. new information. I feel good. You. Me. Guests! Come on, let’s go.

Charles Barkley, a former professional basketball player and television analyst, Sean Payton, a Super Bowl champion Eric Weddle, Darius Butler, and FanDuel partner Dr. Disrespect are already on Kay’s guest list.

Additionally, a recent DICK’s Sporting Goods advertisement featured Kay Adams

Even though Kay’s last performance was on May 13, she hasn’t completely vanished from the public eye. The former NFL Network mainstay has partnered with DICK’s Sports Goods, one of the largest sports goods retailers in the United States. Kay makes an appearance in the brief 15-second commercial, which promotes the business’ back-to-school best-price promise, wearing a subdued green jumpsuit and white sneakers. Naturally, she makes no mention of any potential career shifts, so followers will just have to follow her on social media to see what she could have in store next.

Kay Adams leaving Good Morning Football FAQs

1)How does Kay Adams fare on Good Morning Football?

In order to pursue new opportunities, the well-known sportscaster left Good Morning Football early this year. With FanDuel, Kay debuted her own program, “Up and Adams.” In her most recent career move, the former GMFB host also appears to have entered the radio industry. She has been confirmed as a guest DJ on the Pearl Jam radio station on Sirius XM this week.

2) Will Kay be joining Good Morning Football again?

The return of KAY ADAMS to morning sports television has delighted NFL fans. The well-known sportscaster departed Good Morning Football on the NFL Network in May.

3) Who will take Kay Adams’ place at Good Morning Football?

John Erdahl

On the well-known NFL Network program “Good Morning Football,” Jamie Erdahl will take Kay Adams’ place.

4) Has the cast of Good Morning Football changed?

ESPN’s and a former NFL player Today it was revealed that Jamie Erdahl, a sideline reporter for CBS, would take over as host of the Emmy Award-winning NFL Network program Good Morning Football. On Monday, July 25, Erdahl will make her television debut alongside Peter Schrager, Kyle Brandt, and Will Selva.