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Orbit Exchange Introduction

Orbit Exchange is a betting exchange powered by Betfair. It has been offering a lot of interesting features since 2017, including a wide range of betting markets, high liquidity and bet acceptance speed which is even more impressive than the service offered by the Betfair Exchange. Orbit Exchange is fast becoming a favourite among punters for placing bets.

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What is the Cash Out option?

The Cash Out option allows bettors the opportunity to minimise their losses or secure profits before the events have even concluded and also before a bet is settled.

With the cash out option, players are paid before an event concludes, i.e., even before a bet is finally settled. All it takes is a single click to cash out all your bets on the given market. The cash out icon will be displayed on those particular bets for which cash out is offered.

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The total amount of the cash out offered is calculated in real time based on the odds that are offered across the live markets. If liquidity is low on a given market, the cash out option could be unavailable. The cash out amount displayed where cash out is offered will generally be the minimum amount a bettor will get if the cash out is successful.

As the cash out offered is based on the live markets’ value, the prices can vary and change, which is why cash out can sometimes be unsuccessful or at times, be partially successful. But again, punters might receive more cash than what was originally shown.

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If a cash out is unsuccessful, bettors will be offered a new cash out deal based on updated prices offered by Betfair.

However, if there is an exposure reduction on the market where cash out was received, the money will be returned to your account after the cash out is successful. If a bettor receives a partial cash out amount and they make a profit on the market, the amount will be paid out after the event is over and the market has finally been settled.

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Q. What are the benefits of Cash Out?

Ans. To set up an auto Cash Out, a bettor must have an open Cash Out position in the market. Punters can specify the profit threshold at which they wish to Auto Cash Out on a market simply by selecting it from the dropdown menu which is located next to the Cash Out button.

Q. Where is the Cash Out option available?

Ans. If the Cash Out rule is enabled, a green dot will be added to the dropdown to indicate that the option is active. To remove an Auto Cash Out rule, you simply need to open the dropdown menu again and choose the ‘Remove’ option.

Q. What do I need to look out for in the Cash out option?

Ans. Bettors will not be able to see if the Auto Pay Out service has tried cashing out for them. In some cases, the market’s traded volumes may indicate that an Auto Cash Out was conducted but was unsuccessful because other customers in the market matched the volume.