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Orbit Exchange is a betting exchange that is powered by Betfair. The exchange was incepted in 2017, and offers a number of unique features, along with a wide range of betting markets, high liquidity and bet acceptance speed. In fact, it has become a preferred choice over Betfair in countries where the exchange is accepted.

Orbit Exchange

Orbit Exchange is a betting exchange that offers punters a large number of features, markets, liquidity and an impressive bet acceptance speed. In just around five years since being introduced, Orbit Exchange reviews have been largely positive, with its number of registered bettors increasing by the day. It is considered as an alternate choice for Betfair although the two platforms are quite different from one another.

Orbit Exchange, or OrbitX, is a form of an online marketplace wherein players place bet against each other instead of the bookmaker. What makes Orbit Exchange reviews positive is the advantages the exchange offers when compared to what a traditional sportsbook would typically offer. The prices are better prices and there’s also massive liquidity for a wide range of betting markets.

Most importantly, the platform gained popularity among Orbit Exchange customers as many players around the world constantly were unable to access Betfair. Additionally, OrbitX offers what is known as ‘back’ and ‘lay’ betting options to provide more flexibility while betting.

Betfair charges a 5% fee on all winnings, while OrbitX charges a lower 3% on a bettor’s winnings. However, the 3% commission charged by Orbit Exchange only applies when one wins a trade.

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Back and lay bets on OrbitX

Betting takes place between a customer and a bookmaker wherein the customer ‘backs’ (bet of an outcome) and the bookmaker ‘lays’ (bets where outcome are unlikely to occur). Most betting exchanges offer bettors the opportunity to both back and lay their bets.

To place a lay bet, the amount risk by a punter is different from the back bet. In a lay bet, one risks a potential amount that the backer is expected to naturally win.

Likewise, the potential profit from each bet is the monetary value that the other side of the matched bet is willing to risk. In other words, your potential profit for lay bets is the backer’s stake. Once you have confirmed your selection, press the “Place Bets” button. Thereafter, you can find a bet offer returned as unmatched, partially matched, or matched in full.

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What is Cash Out in Orbit Exchange?

The Cash Out button allows bettors to lock-in their profits or loss before the match or event is over. You can find the Cash Out icon on OrbitX betting markets that offer this functionality.

For the unfamiliar, an example of Cash Out is as follows:

A bettor places a wager on a football match, and backs the home team to emerge triumphant. Later, the said team leads the match narrowly 1-0, and the bettor is unsure whether they will actually win the game. The Cash Out feature will thus, allow the bettor a chance to earn a small fraction of the money they were supposed to win even before the match is over.

This option is ideal in cases where a bettor feels some level of uncertainty on a given day or when their instincts don’t feel right.

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Orbit Exchange sports betting

Orbit Exchange offers punters the opportunity to trade and maximize their profits before an event starts or during in-play. The exchange is also open to arbitrage players and seasoned winners.

With sports betting, there are over 30 disciplines available, including:

Football, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, American Football, Horse racing, Rugby, Athletics, Baseball, Boxing, Australian Rules, Cycling, Darts, E-sports, Golf, Greyhound racing, Handball, Motorsports, Ice Hockey, MMA, Snooker, Gaelic games, Netball, and Volleyball.

Sports betting broker

There is a major difference between a broker and a bookmaker. A broker offers services beyond simply sports betting. Such agents initially worked with professional bettors looking for an optimal solution to manage multiple online gaming accounts, to find the best odds in the market. At present, brokers offer services to all bettors, whether a beginner or a seasoned veteran.

Brokers are also known as sports betting intermediaries or brokers who allow punters to bet simultaneously on sports with multiple bookmakers. This feature is useful in maximizing one’s chances of winning in sports betting. A sports betting broker allows bettors to compare odds offered by various sites before they choose one that suits them best to increase their winning chances.

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Advantages of Orbit Exchange with sports betting

Orbit Exchange is a sports exchange operator that offers lucrative features. It is licensed by the Curacao e-Gaming Authority and is among the most reliable betting exchanges in the world.

Through Orbit Exchange, punters can access a wide range of sports to bet on. Some of these sports include cricket, football, basketball, tennis, cricket, American football, athletics, rugby, horse racing and motorsports. There are several markets one can access on this platform, which include 1×2, over/under, both teams to score, odd/even, and handicaps, besides bets on cards and corners.

What is Orbit Exchange Cricketbook?

Cricketbook is an extention to the Orbit Exchange platform specifically meant for cricket betting. A convenient feature of OrbitX is the separate balances maintained for your Orbit Exchand and Cricketbook betting accounts. A transfer will allow bettors to move their funds according to their needs. This way, punters can focus on cricket matches and tournament and maintain a separate account so as to avoid interference with their standard OrbitX betting exchange accounts.

The Cricketbook trade page allows bettors access to additional betting options and various special markets, making it a great option for added liquidity on their favourite cricket matches. However, one should keep in mind that at the moment, Cricketbook only offers back bets on these markets.

Once a match is selected, there is a livestream displayed beside the scoreboard to the right of the screen for most offered matches. Punters can watch matches while browsing through the cricket betting offer.

Cricketbook is a useful feature offered for cricket-loving bettors, and can be accessed from a central account. However, for those uninterested in cricket, theres always the option of sticking to their standard Orbit Exchange account.

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How to access OrbitX via Betting Exchange

To access foreign bookmakers, there are certain brokers that are highly reliable. Through such entities, one can sign up on Orbit Exchange.

Firstly, one must create an electronic wallet for sports betting before crediting it. To send money to a particular broker, a bettor should have a Skrill wallet. The said broker will then help the punter through the registration process with Orbit Exchange. If the bettor wins, Orbit Exchange transfers the winnings to the broker who then makes the payment into their wallet.

Bettors should take note that personal information provided is crucial for smooth transfer of funds. No names or date of birth should be made up and accurate details must be provided.

In a short span of time, customers have shared positive Orbit Exchange reviews thanks to its user-friendly features and benefits that offer bettors more opportunities of winning, contrary to what traditional bookmakers have to offer.

Orbit Exchange login

Additionally the process of signing up for Orbit Exchange is fairly straightforward. All one requires are proof of identity, proof of residence, and their bank statement for payments. Likewise, Orbit Exchange login is simple. Users only need to remember their Orbit Exchange login details when visiting the official website. Simply follow the steps mentioned on the screen to sign in to your account.

Do note that currently, there is no Orbit Exchange app or Orbit Exchange software, and users will need to access their accounts directly through the official website.


Q. What documents do I need to register with Orbit Exchange?

Ans. Documents such as photo identification and proof of address such as an electricity bill, credit card bill, or a bank statement will need to be produced. First-time users also need to provide a bank statement of the account where the funds should be transferred to/from.

Q. What is the cost for the service?

Ans. The service is free of cost. No additional payments need to be made.

Q. What are the various payment options?

Ans. There are different modes of payment with Orbit Exchange. Deposits and withdrawals are made via bank transfer, while other payment methods such as net banking/credit card/debit card, UPIs, and crypto (with some platforms) are part of the transaction process.

Q. What is the minimum deposit or withdrawal amount?

Ans. There is a minimum deposit of €10 or equivalent currency amount, while the minimum free withdrawal is €10.

Q. What is the withdrawal process?

Ans. With Orbit Exchange, there is a basic procedure for cash withdrawals. Customers only need to request their withdrawal amount through the official OrbitX website.